Way Up

An outdoor adventure for adults diagnosed with cancer.

Upcoming dates (for Italian speakers): June 25th-July 1st 2022


Way Up is an 8 day adventure for adults aged 18-39 who have been diagnosed with cancer after the age of 15. The program is open to people that are in complete remission or who are still undergoing treatment for an oncological condition.

The program is an opportunity for people who have or have had cancer to (re)discover their physical abilities and autonomy whilst connecting with peers in a beautiful and intimate enviornment. On a wider scale, Way Up is working to challenge the cultural taboos that surround illness and individual need for psychological support throughout their experience.

Way Up is a true immersion into Italian culture and the outdoor opportunities that our region of Italy has to offer; over the course of the week participants will take part in a variety of alpine sports as well as excursions to historic towns and breathtaking natural sites. We work with expert guides and local staff and to create programs where participants will feel challenged but supported in learning the basics of a variety of sports.


Way up is designed to be inclusive of each person’s physical, emotional and personal needs. Every participant should feel they have had the opportunity to try something new, and be able to share these or other experiences with a small group of peers. All Way Up programs are open to a maximum of 13 people.


The Way Up week takes place at Castel Campo, in the North of Italy. This centuries old castle and organic farm is private property and will be of exclusive use of participants. Deep within the woods in Trentino, our home base is ideal for retreating from the daily noise of everyday life and is a place where it is possible to learn connect with the natural environment and its rhythms.

At the foothills of the Dolomite Mountains and 20 km from Lake Garda, Castel Campo is the ideal location to create a community of individuals that is eager to explore the outdoors the unique culture of this region.

Upcoming Way Up programs

Way Up – Open to Italian Speakers 

June 25th-July 1st, 2022


For info and applications:



Spaces are limited: Way Up is open to a maximum of 13 participants.


Our programs were born to be custom designed for the participants. No specific sports skills are required, nor is a sporting lifestyle. Our goal is to give participants the chance to try new things in a safety context.

A Way Up you can expect to participate in: hiking, sailing, rock climbing and / or artificial walls, mountain biking and / or ebike, swimming, canoeing, cave excursions. But also: sports massage, cooking classes or wine tasting, cultural and tourist visits … And maybe, if you are lucky, you will also be able to read a few pages of that book that you have long been on the bedside table.

Way Up is open to patients and ex-oncohematologic patients who have received a diagnosis in non-pediatric age, and who are 18-45 years old. Participants will always be accompanied by the Campo Base staff and professional guides.

In this case, please e-mail us at info@associazionecampobase.org, and we can discuss!

Those who can participate in the whole week will have precedence. An important goal of the project is to know how to share and network among peers: we think that taking the time to do this experience is important.

Way Up is designed for patients and former patients. We absolutely recognize that the disease can affect all the members of a family very strongly, but unfortunately it will not be possible to share this experience with them live. This will be a space to be dedicated only to oneself, in order to be able to talk and share (if desired) of one’s own experience and life with peers outside one’s daily context.

This project is designed to be with the people we meet. We will spend the evenings together around the bonfire, as even the “free” moments are meant to be shared with the group. Although no one is forced to stay anywhere, this will not be a typical vacation.

We will take some time during the week to visit a nearby city.

CONNECTIVITY: In Castel Campo there is no WIFI. We ask you to organize your personal and business needs so that you can (almost) completely disconnect from the connectivity to the technology. We will ask you not to use mobile phones during activities, during meals, in moments of sharing.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Participation in WAY UP is free for eligible participants who have received the invitation to participate. Specifically, the following will be included: All meals; Transportation (excluding travel to and from a major Romanian airport); Accommodation; Participation in the Itinerary Activities.

You will have to provide for:

  • your travel costs from your home to a major Romanian airport (we will organize which one when participation is confirmed) 
  • If you plan to stay extra time in Italy, we will not cover any of those expenses
  • Any spending money and souvenirs 

WHAT TO BRING: At the time of confirmation of participation we will send you a list of things to bring. No technical equipment is required other than a good pair of mountain boots and a medium-sized backpack.

ARRIVALS: arrivals are scheduled in Castel Campo (Fiavè, TN) on September 12th 2020. We will help you organize your travel and set a meeting date and place at a major Romanian airport on Sept 12 in the early morning so you can meet the other participants and travel together to Italy.


DEPARTURES: Departures from Castel Campo will be on September 19th 2020 in the morning. We will organize and pay for travel from Castel Campo to your departure airport in Romania. 

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